Vision, Mission & Values



To be a significant Malaysian investment company with diversified set of selected businesses globally, preferred employer with high quality talent and standards, recognised for contributions to the nation.



Deliver competitive, growing and sustainable returns to shareholders.



FIC has embarked on an effort to define the corporate values which serve as the parameters for how we should conduct ourselves.

The set of core values are as follows:


·      Professional

·      We conduct business with strict adherence to commercial disciplines, reflecting our integrity and trustworthiness.

·      Results Oriented

·      We deliver targeted results with focus, disciplines, determination, drive and commitment.

·      Team-based

·      We encourage knowledge sharing, guidance provision and cooperation among our people.

·      Innovative

·      We proactively strive for better ways to achieve our tasks and adapt to the changing business environment.

·      People-centric

·      We develop and compensate our people rightfully and create an environment where they can fulfill their highest  potential.

·      Humility

·      We remain humble and open minded in our conduct.


This is in line with the underlying values of FIC that we subscribed to guide our employees at all levels in the conduct and management of business and affairs of the Group.