Felda Investment Corporation (FIC)
Strategic Investment

One of the key areas of Felda Investment Corporation Sdn Bhd (FIC) is Strategic Investment, an area that is committed to meet any one of these criteria:

  • To generate superior investment returns for FIC;
  • To enhance the value of investee companies; and
  • To create industry experts and develop a synergy within Felda Group of Companies

In the pursuit of making this a reality, FIC is willing to go to great lengths to ensure that the above objectives are met via various investment approaches, namely direct investments in companies, creating joint venture entities, strategic alliances, indirect investments through fund management companies or any other viable strategic options. FIC is currently concentrating on companies in the growth stage or those in the attractive industries that are backed with strong track record and have high potential to further develop.

The investment objectives and approaches are made using the following strategies:

  • Investment made purely based on achieving financial objective that would steer the company to greater level of success. Generally, FIC would hold this type of investment as a strategic shareholder with minimal interference on its operations.
  • Investment made to add values to the company by creating synergies with other businesses within the FELDA group of companies. In this condition, FIC would be the company’s substantial shareholder, where it controls the company by holding position(s) in the Board of Directors and is actively involved in key management and operational matters.

To date, FIC has successfully completed the following acquisitions:

    • Status: Listed Company
    • Sector: Technology
    • Date of Acquisition: 6 November 2013
    • Capital invested: RM 145 million
    • Ownership: 25.8% (as at 22 Aug 2014)
    • Company description: Incorporated in 1994, IRIS has grown its business from being the first company in Asia to set up fully integrated manufacturing facilities for Contact and Contactless Smart Cards, Contactless Document Inserts and assembled Module in Tapes and Reels to other extended area of business including but not limited to property development, farming business and environmental solutions.
    • Website: http://www.iris.com.my/
    • Status: Listed Company
    • Sector: Properties
    • Date of Acquisition: 30 May 2014
    • Capital invested: RM 329 million
    • Ownership: 72.3% (as at 10 July 2014)
    • Company description: Incorporated in 2000, Encorp principally engaged in property development, construction, provision of general management support and services. Since inception, Encorp has grown in strength and delivered high-quality commercial and residential developments. The Encorp brand is recognised for its sterling portfolio of award-winning developments having won the Asia Pacific Property Awards for its signature mixed integrated development of The Strand Kota Damansara.
    • Website: http://www.encorp.com.my/
    • Status: Listed Company
    • Sector: Oil and Gas
    • Date of Acquisition: 21 November 2014
    • Capital invested: RM 100 million
    • Ownership: 9.62% (as at 4 Nov 2015)
    • Company description: Listed on the main market of Bursa Malaysia on 6 November 2013. Its 100%-owned subsidiary, PBJV Group Sdn Bhd has been an active oil and gas services provider since its inception in 2000. Barakah Group’s business activities are pipeline services, offshore transportation and installation; EPCC onshore pipeline and construction; topside major maintenance and hook-up and commissioning; pipeline structure and topside de-commissioning; ship management and chartering, underwater services; and automation and control solutions.
    • Website: http://www.barakahpetroleum.com/bop/

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