As an investment vehicle of FELDA, Felda Investment Corporation Sdn Bhd is entrusted to manage existing investment assets of FELDA as well as new investments with the aim to generate a sustainable return to FELDA. Aside from two (2) focus sectors; hospitality and property, FIC holds a unique strategic investment portfolio. The objectives of this portfolio are to balance out the investment through diversification, build and nurture business with high growth potential as well as investment in sustainable business that provides benefits to the people.


We evaluate, select and invest in various types of investment; through direct shareholding, joint ventures, partnership, investment fund and product locally and internationally. We execute investment in identified sectors with good potential of income and growth with careful consideration on the need for capital preservation with mitigated risk. Currently, the portfolio consists of direct shareholdings in listed equities and private companies in a few selected fields; such as technology and telecommunication, health and wellness, energy and infrastructure and others. We use two approaches in managing the portfolio; via active management to increase efficiency and develop value, and passive management for investment of synergistic or strategic purpose.


·         Technology & Telecommunication

·         Energy & Infrastructure

·         Health & Wellness

·         Others