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A Move towards High Quality and Affordable Living: PGBF Development and Projek Sentuhan Kasih Groundbreaking Ceremony in Felda Laka Selatan, Kedah

03 Oct 2014

Felda in its proactive transformational efforts has set in motion several development initiatives which are targeted in enhancing the living standard of the Settlers and to become among the first of its kind in transforming the low-income segment of the community into a high-income one.

As a testament to this commitment, on 27 March 2014, a groundbreaking ceremony was held in Felda Laka Selatan in Kedah to officiate two of Felda’s flagship programmes, the Perumahan Generasi Baharu FELDA (PGBF) development and Projek Sentuhan Kasih. Both projects were planned and initiated to benefit the new generation of the Felda community by means of providing high quality but affordable housing.

The groundbreaking ceremony was officiated by Dato\' Paduka Mukhriz bin Tun Dr. Mahathir, Kedah Chief Minister, in the company of Tuan Haji Hanapi bin Suhada, the Deputy Director General (Corporate Service) who was representing Felda. The event managed to attract the attendance of a large group of people including the Felda community from the Alor Setar region.

Apart from the officiating of the projects, the organising committee also held several activities for the guests which include the setting up of a booth by Felda Properties Sdn Bhd to promote their new Perumahan Warga Felda (PWF) project in Chuping.

The Felda Investment Corporation (FIC) as the new body that is spearheading several development projects on behalf of Felda, including the PGBF development project, also took a proactive role during the event by conducting a demographic survey to further enhance its database and as part of its research initiatives for future endeavours.

It is hoped that in the interest of the Felda community, the officiation of the PGBF development and Projek Sentuhan Kasih would be the stepping stone for more similar projects to be undertaken in the future and that these projects would continue to be a great success moving forward.

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