Health and wellness industry has become one of the most influential industries as a result of increasing awareness in maintaining well-balanced physical and mental health. In Malaysia, the number of Malaysians suffering from obesity, high cholesterol, heart-related diseases and non-communicable diseases are worryingly increasing. There are many initiatives organised by government and non-governmental organisations to encourage healthy lifestyle practices through programs such as health screening, fitness workshops, health exhibitions and roadshows. This has led to booming new market of complementary and alternative medicines, wellness tourism, spas, medical tourism, workplace wellness and fitness and wearable technology.


Felda Wellness Corporation Sdn Bhd

Felda Wellness Corporation Sdn Bhd (FWC) is a wellness innovator company that researches, develops and commercialises nutraceutical and botanical products as personalised health products. FWC collaborates with top biotech facilities and biopharma companies which aim to generate new technologies and products in the bio-pharmaceutical industry.


Its flagship product, NEUTRAX™ is made from Cultured Coconut Extract (CCE) derived from carefully selected coconuts which have been specially harvested and produced through FWC’s proprietary Advanced Microaerophilic Fermentation Platform. This unique process makes it distinctly different from other coconut oils available in the market. This liquid solution is a natural source of Medium-Chain Triglyceride and Lauric Acid (also found in breast milk), known to improve energy levels, regulate hormones, stabilise sugar levels, and accelerate the cellular healing process.  



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