FIC Integrated Property Management Sdn Bhd (FIC IPM)


FIC Integrated Property Management Sdn Bhd (FIC IPM) is an established property and project management company wholly owned by FIC. FIC which is entrusted to perform project and property management consultancy by playing a primary role in managing and providing consultancy and management services for projects under FELDA. Prior to the establishment of FIC IPM, the set-up was originally under FIC Property Division and upon establishment, it has been parked under the same cluster.


FIC IPM builds its foundation by identifying a few strategic infrastructure and properties related proposals that primarily focus on property development, construction management, property management, township management and facilities management. The primary function of project management consulting activities includes government projects such as construction of water supply system, road works and amenities building etc. and property development projects such as commercial, residential and industrial park etc.


FIC IPM is the appointed consultant for four major activities which are Project Management Consultant (PMC) for FELDA throughout Malaysia, Township Management, Facility Management for FELDA assets and Project Implementer for FELDA land development projects.


As of now, there are several land development projects in progress. Amongst others, they are Kuala Lumpur Vertical City, the urban mixed commercial development located in Jalan Semarak, two modern township housing developments at Feldajaya Raja Alias in Jempol Negeri Sembilan and Mutiara Residence at Bandar Pusat Jengka Pahang.


FIC IPM plans to venture into more integrated residential, commercial and industrial developments for FELDA strategically located land bank. One of the initiatives is the 1 Wilayah 1 Township ("1W1T") that intents to unlock the value of under-utilized FELDA real estates throughout the whole country as well as to create new township area within FELDA schemes.


As part of township management in some location, FIC IPM has been given responsibility to operate, maintain and manage utilities supply system such as the diesel engine driven power plant and water treatment plant including the related equipment to supply the utilities up to the consumer premises at FELDA Sahabat, Umas and Kalabakan in Sabah.


In the long term, FIC IPM wholly owned by FIC as well as 100% owned by FELDA would continuously venture into profitable related core business that would bring values to the stakeholders particularly the FELDA settlers. The bottom line is to increase the reasonable investment value of FELDA’s properties through economic activities that would generate steady streams of income to FELDA.