One of the major requirements for sustainable and inclusive economic growth is a substantial and efficient energy and infrastructure network. The oil, gas and energy industry is among significant contributors to Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and economic growth. Malaysia is set to transform into a regional oil trading and storage hub as well as ensuring long-term energy supply security amid volatility and depressed global oil price. The importance of the transformation would also tie with an improvement in national infrastructure and utilities network which encompasses transportation, communications, water supply and sewerage that results in a better quality of life.


Barakah Offshore Petroleum Berhad

Barakah Offshore Petroleum Berhad (Barakah) was established in 2000 and has delivered RM3.9 billion projects. Barakah started a pipeline service specialist and evolves into a turnkey contractor covering areas in pipeline and commissioning, onshore engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning, offshore transportation and installation, hook-up and commissioning, and underwater services.




Felda Water Sdn Bhd

Felda Water Sdn Bhd (FWSB) is a joint venture company with the principal business activity of carrying out infrastructure works on water treatment; drainage and sewage; organic waste treatment and industrial wastage, apart from developing a complete and comprehensive underground drainage system.  

FWSB aims to exclusively market the use of a patented technology from China for water and waste water treatment plant use; known as the Advanced Moving Bed Bio Reactor (AMBBR) technology. The AMBBR technology is bio-physically natural, operationally efficient, cost effective, highly flexible and has a compact design, resulting in a smaller footprint. This technology is currently being used at more than 340 plants in China.